Sultan Of Dreams

Under the leadership of top management, in obtaining quality products and services, OHS, Environmental With the awareness that food and food safety issues are an inseparable whole,
- Working in a "team spirit" with its employees and suppliers continue,
- To increase personnel competence with effective trainings,
Personnel to improve the system with horizontal-vertical communication to make their contribution,
With national and international legislation and administrative conditions under the conditions to which we are automatically subject, we can create in all our business processes to prevent environmental and occupational health and safety risks show the necessary sensitivity with a preventive approach,
- In line with the expectations of our guests, hygiene rules suitable and safe at the highest level, world and traditional Turkish To prepare the most outstanding flavors of the cuisine with our trained staff and present,
With the effective quality management system provided, guest expectations to perceive in the best way and to provide service that will exceed expectations

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